Ignite Change

ignite changeWhat Actually Ignites Change?

Basically, anything we’re doing is something that we’re doing either to bring ourselves pleasure, or avoid pain. A lot of times, it’s a little bit of both. To actually make a change, the pain of not making that change has to become more than the pain that we’re mitigating by continuing to do things the way we’ve always done them.

Can I Ignite Change in Someone I Care About?

A lot of times we think that if someone else would just change “whatever” behavior, do something different, everything would right itself. That’s rarely the case.

The change that has to happen starts with you. As the system starts to change, everything that depends on it must adapt. And, what you thought needed to change today may end up not really being what needs to change.

We are planting a seed for you. It is important to understand that the change process is dynamic. You need to introduce new information and ways of looking at your situation. Just be open to the what feels like the next right step. The Programs at InformYES.com are designed to provide you with the information, insight and inspiration so you’ll know just what to do. Click HERE to find the Program that is right for you.