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You are at the right place.

How does change happen? It requires an
intervention...of sorts. And, intervention happens
in countless ways.

Tip the Scales in YOUR favor...

One of the things you have control over, that CAN create the intervention, is the information that you intentionally consume. And, that information could be just the "missing piece" that brings the insight you need to see why you have resisted change.

With insight, it is much easier to feel inspired to take action. You are making change that you want to make. It really can be easy!

Convenient e-Learning


What is e-Learning? The word that leaps to mind is "convenient." If you have work and family obligations that make it difficult to rearrange your schedule around…

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New Information Creates an Intervention

Create Intervention

What is an Intervention? We typically think of an Intervention as a face to face confrontation with someone in denial about their situation (an obvious problem) and…

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Ignite Change

Ignite Change

What Actually Ignites Change? Basically, anything we're doing is something that we're doing either to bring ourselves pleasure, or avoid pain. A lot of times, it's a little bit…

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